about us

Following many years of joint concert performances in their hometown Vienna and throughout Europe (such as in the Wiener Konzerthaus, Auditorio de Tenerife, ORGANismi Festival in Rezekne/Latvia, and Konzerthaus Berlin) Julia Christine and Valentin Lukan now introduce their new duo name CIELO e TERRA together with their first CD album.

The foundation and name of the duo originates from an impulse of their teacher and mentor, Danja Lukan, who was also closely involved in the creation of this CD.

The name CIELO e TERRA serves as the guiding theme for this album, and also bears varied meanings reflected in the two instruments harp and organ:
Strings and pipes constitute a vertical axis between above and below, and form columns of sound when set into vibration; great physical effort is required for both instruments, so that the person as a whole, is set in motion from head to toe; both instruments possess a great range and both are chordal instruments able to take on either melodic or harmonic functions.

They also complement each other in their individual strengths:
The shortest way for the finger to the string on the harp – the longest way to the pipe on the organ; the lively, plucked beginning and quick fading away of a note on the harp – the infinite, unchanging note on the organ. Joining their sounds together reveals their future-oriented potential.

Cielo e Terra – Heaven and Earth – encompass our world in which the creative powers of humankind unfold. Music is able to build a bridge, uniting them both.